Jeff Ivey, Fire Captain of Petersburg Fire Department in Chesterfield, VA is at the center of an animal cruelty investigation after police found 8 dogs on a River Road property he moved out of only days ago.  Four of the dogs were dead and the other four were emaciated and dehydrated.

One friend of Ivey’s said the dogs got little food or water and slept on the ground with no bedding.  Wow, if that’s what a friend of his says….

“I can’t see anybody being cruel to animals. I don’t care what they are whether it’s a dog, cat or whatever. I don’t like it,” said neighbor, Fernanda Smith.

At this point it’s unclear how long the four dogs have been dead and there are many other questions as well. The surviving dogs are in the custody of animal control and at this point no charges have been filed but police say that could change.

Well I hope so!! Ivey is being called the “caretaker” of the dogs, whatever that means but to me that means he was responsible and if these poor dogs died under his care, he needs to be charged and prosecuted! This is a man in public service, supposed to protect and serve and care but he leaves innocent animals caged outside to starve and die! Seems like someone better get some answers and quick. There is no reason for something like this to have happened!

Let’s keep our eyes on this one and if anyone get more info, please share it!

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