The pet food recall that began in March with Menu Foods affected ten of thousands of dogs and cats, causing sickness and death. The contaminant, melamine, was found in petfood from 13 different companies, hundreds of different brands, and over a thousand different products!

Most every pet owner was affected in some way, by the sickness or death of a beloved pet, knowing someone who lost a pet or just constant fear and worry that their furbaby would be next. Every trip to the store felt like you were taking your baby’s life in your hands, hoping your brand of petfood would not show up next on the almost daily recall list additions.

Many pet owners gave up the standard commercial pet food going to organic or home-cooked or raw diets for the beloved furbabies and many, like myself, will never trust or go back to commercial petfood.

And now we find out that the death toll from contaminated pet food will never accurately be known. So many who lost their pets are being given a hard time getting reimbursed for vet bills from pet food manufacturers who are citing one excuse after another and now we’ll never know the true extent of what was done to us!!

U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials said they may never know exactly how many dogs and cats died this year from contaminated pet food made in Canada.

About half of the 18,000 consumers who called the FDA reported that a pet had died, USA Today reported Monday.

However, coming up with an accurate death count requires analysis of tissue and blood samples that the FDA doesn’t have.

After announcing a recall of the products made by Menu Foods, the FDA assigned 400 staff members to collect food samples, take consumer reports and monitor the recall effort, the newspaper said.

“The sad truth is that we will probably never know with any confidence the number of animals that fell victim to the pet food poisoning,” FDA spokeswoman Julie Zawisza told USA Today. (News Daily)

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