ZeusZeus, the Sarasota, FL dog that bit the Verizon repairman, William Flick, will have to wait until July 11 for his fate, life or death, to be decided.

Attorneys for both Zeus and the county appeared before a Sarasota County judge in Venice this morning. The Otero’s attorney, Jennifer Dietz, requested a re-hearing on Zeus’ case.

Dietz argued she has new evidence in the case, she wants a behaviorist to testify on her client’s behalf and she pointed out that there’s no clear definition of the word “attacked” in the statute.

The county attorney pointed out that a rehearing will not change the facts of the case — that Zeus bit a Verizon worker several times.

The judge will allow both sides more time to prove their argument. Both have until next Wednesday, July 11, to file whatever documentation supports their cause. The judge will make a ruling after that time.

A judge had ordered animal services to euthanize the dog, but the Otero’s appealed and want the judge to let Zeus come home, or send him to a trainer in Tennessee. (First Coast News)

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