In March 2007, Timothy Wallisch allegedly tortured and killed his dog, Buster. After neighbor’s complaints, an investigation was launched and Wallisch was arrested after the dog’s body was found buried in a shallow grave. Initially charged with only a misdemeanor, the charge was upgraded to a felony in December by a grand jury. Now is the time to demand justice for Buster!

The investigator who exhumed Buster’s body told reporters, “He beat the living s— out of it,” noting that one of Buster’s legs was broken and that his body bore marks consistent with a severe beating. “I called for police backup because (the owner) is a known criminal and possibly gang-affiliated,” added the investigator.

During the necropsy, the dog’s body which had lain in the shallow grave since March when Wallisch threw it over a fence, it was found that the right side of the dog’s body was caked with blood. Bob Darin, a state-licensed animal crimes investigator, said one leg appeared broken and the animal bore marks consistent with a beating.

It also revealed the dog suffered contusions and fractures to its skull, severe brain damage, bruises to its neck and chest, injuries to its lungs and other organs and a dislocated shoulder, according to a letter from veterinarian Michael Buedel of Plainfield. The dog also had shredded pieces of plastic in its stomach.

“Because the dog was found in a similar plastic bag, one can (hypothesize) that the dog was still alive in the bag and tried to eat its way out,” Buedel said.

Now is the time to demand justice for Buster! Wallisch will next appear in court on Friday, June 13. We need to ensure that this case continues to be taken seriously.

The State’s Attorney’s Office upgraded the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. They are taking this seriously. Please, contact Mr. James Glasgow and thank him for taking this case seriously then urge him to do all he can to make sure that, upon conviction, Wallisch receives jail time, psychological counseling and a permanent ban on contact with animals.

Please send your polite comments to:

Mr. James W. Glasgow
Office of the State’s Attorney, Will County
121 N. Chicago St.
Joliet, IL 60432
815-727-8405 (fax)
Website – Contact

Or you can send a form letter thru the HSUS website – HERE

Remember, be polite and considerate.  Anger only defeats the purpose.  The State’s Attorney’s Office has already shown their commitment now we must ask for justice and the maximum penalty.

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