KaneUntil Chris McGahey and Forrest, Denver has never failed to kill any dog they deemed a pitbull. Mission Save Forrest ramped things up and shown the hot spotlight on Denver again for their BSL. Forrest, a pitbull that didn’t even live in Denver, was on deathrow. This time advocates came out in mass numbers and the bottom line, not without many tense moments, was that Forrest was spared his life but his owner Chris McGahey had to give him up.

Shortly after Forrest was whisked away to safety, another pitbull came under fire. Kane, a dog that was given to owner Gema Martinez by her son and identified to her as an American Bulldog.

Denver police surrounded her house, ripped down a locked 6 foot black iron gate and took Kane. They left no information, no paper work, just vandalized property and a missing dog in their wake. Denver did release Kane to Gema but told her that if he was ever in Denver again, he was dead.

Unfortunately after a while, Kane’s new home fell through and Gema took him back, trying to keep him hidden and safe. But the story takes a sad, but unsurprising turn, the police are back and this time armed with guns and rifles

Gema had just let Kane out in her backyard when she noticed a white van parked in front of her house. Next, she heard a loud man’s voice coming from her side yard calling for her dog , “Kane, come here boy – Kane.” In a panic, she called Kane into the house, threw a sheet over her bed and hit the floor to hide under the bed clutching Kane. While she prayed they would not be discovered, the police pounded on the walls, rang her doorbell repeatedly and shouted for her to come out – making threats to break down her door! Scared out of her mind, she opened the door to find police with guns drawn. Kane stood by innocently as they searched her entire house, attic and garage without a search warrant! Nope, nothing here but an illegal dog. She feared they would shoot Kane and begged the police to stop waving their guns. Then with tears running down her face, she pleaded with the animal control officer not to take Kane. His response: “I know you are having vision problems right now, but I need you to sign this ticket for court.” She signed and moments later Kane was gone. Gema had just entered the Denver Twilight Zone.

To make a long story short, both dogs were removed from Colorado…. and are now basking in the Calfornia sun.

David Edelstein contacted me and asked if I’d like to do a follow-up story on both Forrest and Kane and of course I said I would. Happy endings are too few and far between when you are involved in canine advocacy….

So, here you go…. Enjoy! I know I did! 🙂

Run, Forrest, Run… The Long Road from Exile

We Are… Team Pit-A-Full – How they’re doing today

Yes, at least for Forrest and Kane, a happy ending. Not so happy for Chris McGahey and Gema Martinez who lost their beloved dogs and just downright miserable, horrible and painful for so many other dogs who lost their lives to this BS BSL in Denver and to all the families who lost their beloved furry family members.

The fight against BSL in Denver, as in other places around the county continues… we can only hope and pray… and work, to try to get these cruel and unfair laws repealed. Shout out, no matter where you live! End BSL!! Stop the senseless killing!

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