See 4/30/09 Update Below – Deputy Fired

A Richmond deputy, Corporal David Robinson, who works at the Richmond City Jail is facing charges of animal cruelty and dogfighting after 22 pitbulls along with dogfighting paraphernalia were seized from his home last week.

Authorities became involved after one of the dogs that was kept in the fenced in yard broke loose from its chain and began fighting with other dogs. Four dogs were injured and one was killed.

Aside from the dogs, police also seized a portable dog ring, a pulling sled and harness, wooden breaker bars, and a bag with medical equipment, drugs, a computer and weapons.

Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody confirmed Robinson arrest and said the he had been an employee for six years. He was surprised and disappointed by the charges and arrest.

“He was a model deputy here, I am surprised, but I love animals, I care about animals, if the allegations are true he should get the same thing that Michael Vick or anybody else that abuses animals,” said Sheriff C.T. Woody.

Robinson was removed from law enforcement duties at the jail and assigned to administrative duty, pending the outcome of the case.

Dogfighting is bad enough but when you get someone who is supposed to enforce and uphold the law, who blatantly breaks it as if they are above it, it makes it even worse. To me, officers of the law should be held to even higher standards because they should be models for people to follow. If this is the kind of model we’re seeing, no wonder animal abuse and crime looks appealing to too many people.

Toss this jerk into the population he was guarding and let him see what it feel like to have to fight to live! He makes me sick! And one the the saddest things about this whole case is that the dogs that were seized will most likely have to be euthanized because they are reported to be very aggressive. Aside from animal cruelty and dogfighting charges, Robinson should have to be held accountable for all those deaths he will cause!!

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UPDATE 4/30/09 – David Robinson has been fired by the Sheriff’s department. Sheriff Woody, who is very disappointed said that Robinson is still presumed innocent until proved guilty on the Henrico charges but that an internal investigation conducted by his office resulted in a decision to fire the deputy.

The investigation continues but Robinson faces a June 9 hearing on multiple felony charges.

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