JAckie Robinson ParkerA Gates County, NC deputy serving a civil warrant found more than he expected at a house located on Kellogg Fork Road outside Sunbury. When he noticed a dog that was obviously injured with a broken leg, he called in animal control. Checking out the property and barn turned up a total of 13 dogs, 11 pitbulls and 2 rottweilers, many malnourished, with obvious scars and injuries. They also found dogfighting training equipment.

Deputies actually saw 58-year-old Jackie Robinson Parker at the time but they had no arrest warrant and by the time one was issued he’d disappeared. After seeing a news story about himself, he called the sheriff’s department and said that he would turn himself in.

Officials speculate that this operation has been going on for years.

The dog have all been removed from the property and will be seen by a vet.

We can only hope that these dogs will be given more of a chance than the Wilkes County, NC dogs were.  There a judge ordered the 127 dogs seized from Faron’s kennel to all be killed plus all the puppies that had been born since the raid.  A total of 146 dogs, many of them puppies as young as 2 months old were killed… based largely on a recommendation from the HSUS!

Video of Initial Investigation

The Latest Information

Dogfighting Ring Uncovered

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