MaximusOf course you all remember Maximus and Derick Phanord.  Maximus, the poor dog Derick Phanord tied to a tree, doused with gasoline then set on fire using a cigarette.

When Phanord was arrested, he confessed to the atrocious murder of Maximus who died although vets worked diligently, doing everything they could to save him.

Amazing enough, when indicted, he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the crime although he confessed and gave a detailed statement to the police.

Well, Friday, this sad excuse for a man, Derick Phanord,  pleadedDerick Phanord guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals and faces a two-year prison sentence.

Derick Phanord admitted in court Friday the horror of what he sentenced Maximus to and the two year sentence he faces doesn’t even come close!

Phanord’s claim, as related by his attorney, Sean Sabeti, was that Phanord flew into a rage after Maximus, who was then named Spike, after he attacked his other dog, Red.

Now please keep in mind, this other dog, Red, that was attacked,  that he cared so much about, was found shortly thereafter locked in an unventilated shed. She was so starved when she was finally rescued that she could barely walk. Thankfully she was rescued in time and after recovery, put up for adoption.   In September this sweet girl finally got a secondRed chance… she got a new home and a new name.
In court on Friday, Phanord’s lawyer, Sean Sabeti, said Phanord was “extremely, extremely remorseful” about Spike’s death.

Phanord’s sentencing is set for Jan. 17.

I’ll say again just as I said then, the only thing Derick Phanord is remorseful about is that he’s going to pay a price for the horrendous crime he committed.  A two-year sentence does not even come close to what poor Maximus went through in the days before he was found tied to that tree suffering from his fatal injuries.  Or the days he spent as vets labored, trying to save his life.

My anger over this still has not abated and every time I think about the terror and hurt and pain that poor dog went through, at the hands of someone he loved and trusted, it comes back full force.

I am sick to death of hearing people say ‘it was only a dog’ or why can’t people get as angry about people getting hurt and killed every day.  Who says we don’t get angry over that too but it does not diminish the life that was so cruelly and thoughtlessly taken.

For 10,000 years man has domesticated the dog and turned him into ‘man’s best friend.’  We have an obligation to honor that commitment.  Dogs give 100%, all the time; all their love, all their loyalty is ours.  We have no right to take what they give and brutally abuse them!

Source – Newsday

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