RedI am sure you all remember Derick Phanord, confessed killer of Maximus. Do you remember that other little puppy, Red, that was rescued, malnourished and locked in a shed?

Well, this is the final chapter on Red and it does have a happy ending for her. Red has been recovering at Suffolk County SPCA and finally it was time for her to have a loving home and family.

The SPCA received more than 100 application for her adoption and after carefully reviewing the the applications and interviewing the potential adoptees, they chose a family for her. Needless to say, the new family wishes to remain anonymous given the high profile of the entire Phanord case, but I have no doubt that the SPCA was very thorough in their investigation and very picky in their choice to have the best family for this abuse little girl.

Last week she went home with her new family and was renamed and will have a bright future and a chance at a new life. And as Suffolk SPCA chief Roy Gross calls the adoption, it is “a happy ending to a sad story.”

Source – Newsday

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