DeShawn BrownDeShawn Brown, the sick, twisted cretin convicted of inflicting such a horrific torturous death on Mercy, a small 10 month old puppy, was sentenced to only 4 years in prison for his guilt.

Prosecutor David Alex asked for 10 years, one year for each day that Mercy suffered. Defense attorneys Dan Wyde and Lee Westmoreland whined for probation then whined some more after the sentencing saying that it was because of animal welfare groups.

“I’m not asking you for mercy. I’m asking you for justice,” Wyde said during closingMercy arguments.

Kind of ironic wording there. How about Mercy? She was only asking to be loved and treated kindly. She didn’t ask to be stabbed, have gasoline poured on her and set on fire just because some idiot got ticked off because he couldn’t mate her.

Where is her justice?!

Where was her mercy?!

“We’re extremely disappointed,” Jonnie England, director of Operation Kindess said. “It’s not enough, and it’s not about revenge. It’s about justice.”

Operation Kindness took care of Mercy after her stabbing and burning at the hands of Brown and saw first hand the horrific wounds and horrible pain the puppy was in. England said the sentence was ‘insignificant.’ I can only agree. It does not send much of a warning to others out there.

Prosecutor David Alex said he was not disappointed in the verdict while defense attorney Dan Wyde continues to protest Brown’s innocence calling the case a “special-interest prosecution.”

“Those animal rights groups did a good job of twisting arms,” he said. The groups used the Mercy case to raise money for their cause, he said.

It’s people like Wyde who want to keep animal abuse laws in the dark ages, dangerous sociopaths like Brown on the streets and the let victims pile up! When are people going to see animal abuse for the danger that it is?

I guess we can at least be thankful that he was convicted and will be off the streets for at least a little while… maybe he’ll meet some dog lovers while he’s in prison!

Source – Dallas News

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