Update 8/10/09 – Update on Suffering Dogs in Johnstown, PA – VIDEO

We all know that chained dogs and dogs that are confined to yards and outdoor existence so often suffer a horrible fate, practically abandoned, lonely, often starved not only for sustenance but for attention. This is not news to us. And sadly people who take it upon themselves to intervene are often prosecuted and persecuted. This was exactly the case with Dogs Deserve Better founder, Tammy Grimes, now known as Tamira Thayne and Doogie, a suffering, close to death German Shepherd that she rescued. She was arrested, charged and convicted. She was told that she had to go through the “proper channels” and do things “the right way” to help dogs. Well, this time she tried to do exactly that…. See what happens when you do things the right way….

St. Bernards Suffering in Johnstown, PA July 30, 2009: Thayne tries to get help for the dog

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Thayne tries to help two suffering and matted St. Bernards in Johnstown, PA, taking the advice of DA Consiglio and Judge Doyle, who insisted that Thayne would have gotten help for Doogie if she’d just called the cops. Let’s see how that works here in Pennsylvania!

The dog pays the price.

Now this dog could be dead even as we type. Because no one will do the right thing for him. Horrendous!

Not only are the cops in PA horribly behind the times, but police are this way in many communities nationwide.

Stop tolerating the abuse! Thayne is not the bad guy. The bad guy is the one who left these dogs in this condition. The bad guys are the cops who refuse to do their jobs. Guess what, West Hills Police, there are these things called warrants, and there’s this thing called the law which states that dogs in PA MUST have veterinary care. The guardian of these dogs is breaking the law and is breaking moral laws of both God and man.

Update on St. Bernards Suffering in Johnstown, PA, July 31, 2009 and Thayne’s attempt to help them

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The dog is dead. Not because no one cared about him, but because the only ones who did care about him were forbidden to help him by those in power to do something about his suffering. This is an update to the Johnstown, PA St. Bernards, matting, suffering, one barely able to stand, and animal rescuers attempts to help then via ‘the law’.

Did the dogs a lot of good huh?

If this infuriates you the way it does us, do us a favor. Call these three locations and tell them to STOP allowing the abuse to continue. it is their job to protect animals from abuse, not abusers from the law which should hold them accountable.

This is what happens when things are done “by the book.” The owner was tipped off, one of the dogs, the one suffering so grievously, is dead and the other that was severely emaciated and matted is now gone, who knows where. Thayne tried to do things the “right way” and where did it get her? Where did it get the dogs? And what about the owners? He seems to be a real caring guy, didn’t he? What a bastard!!

Please call these number and demand justice for these St. Bernards and just treatment of all animals within their jurisdiction.

The dogs are/were located on Sons of Italy Rd. just off St. Clair Rd.

West Hills Police 814.255.4145
Cambria County Humane Society 814.535.6116
Mark Miller Dog Warden 814.623.3945

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