John Cave with hearing service dog, Simba Yet another case of service dog discrimination despite all the federal and state laws the school district is breaking.

In the latest incident in a year long battle, John Cave and his hearing service dog, Simba, were turned away at the entrance of W. Tresper Clarke High Scool in East Meadow by principal Timothy Voels. Despite a ruling and the support of the state Division of Human Rights, Voles persist in denying entrance to the dog citing that it poses a danger to other students.

Human Rights Commissioner Kumiki Gibson said in a 24-page decision that the district was in violation of two sections of state human rights law while East Meadow Superintendent of Schools Leon Campo is determined that the district will appeal the decision.

“I don’t think they know what they’re doing,” John Cave said of school district officials. “I think they’re going to be in big trouble with the state.”

“They said the commissioner’s decision is not enforceable without a court order,” the Cave’s attorney Paul Margiotta said. “This school is out of control.” He said he will seek a court order to force the school to admit Simba when the district files its appeal.

Source – Newsday

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