dog_devotion_airThree canoeists on Lake Ontario spotted a dog along the shoreline in Oakville, Ontario. The dog had a leash trailing off his neck and appeared to be “tugging on something.”

They found a woman floating facedown near the shore and the dog was trying to pull her to safety with his teeth.  The canoeists pulled the dog out of the water and called the police.

The victim is a 66-year-old woman from Oakville who lives in the area.   It was suggested that the woman was walking her dog, slipped on some rocks and fell into the lake.  She was pronounced dead when taken to the hospital.

The family of the woman requested she and her dog not be identified.  They’ve asked the Oakville Humane Society to care for the dog (a golden retriever) for a few days while they try and cope with the tragedy.

The three boaters are also trying to cope with this tragedy.  They are wondering if they had only been 10 minutes earlier, they might have saved the woman.  They were also moved by the dog’s untiring will to save his owner.

Katie Gallaway of the Canadian Golden Rescue Adoption Service had this to say:

“They have a very strong instinct towards interpreting the situation they’re in and reacting on it,” she said. “The golden has that reputation for being your fireside gentle companion but they will swim to their death to rescue you if they have to.” The Globe and Mail News

To the death.  This is all a dog knows when they are loved.  They return this love through thick and thin – to the death.   That’s the deal dogs make with humans.  You love me, I die for you.   Plain and simple.

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