David Santuomo1 Although it’s just a recommendation, it’s great news.  We can just hope that the decision follows the recommendation! Columbus, OH, Fire Chief Ned Pettus sent a memo of recommendation to the city’s safety director that dog killer fireman, David Santuomo, be fired!!

A spokesperson for the Columbus fire department said that they’d received thousands of calls, letters and emails after David Santuomo pleaded guilty to stringing up his two adopted dogs, Sloopy and Skeeter, in his basement and shooting them a total of 11 times so that he didn’t have to pay boarding for them when he went on a cruise vacation with his girlfriend. He then bragged to fellow firefighters about how he killed the dogs. They weren’t amused and turned his sorry self in!

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail to be served in 10-day increments over a 2 year period as well as $4,500 in restitution, $150 fine, 200 hours of community service and he cannot possess any pets or firearms for 5 years. What was still up in the air was his job as a fireman. The fire department was doing its own investigation and planned to hand down their own “sentence” for this horrific crime.

The city’s safety director is expected to review the case next week and hopefully we’ll get a decision soon. The 90 day jail sentence is a joke if you ask me but losing his lucrative position, although it still is not justice for those two brutally killed, innocent dogs, will definitely make a statement and most clearly warranted!

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