LuceySalinas, KS has a pitbull ban; since 2005, there has been a ban on owning unregistered pit bulls and mixed breeds that are predominantly pitbull. Angie Cartwright’s problems started when she was dog-sitting for her brother. His dog inadvertently got and someone called animal control. In the process of picking up her brother’s dog, they also grabbed her dog, Lucey, which they said “looked” like a pitbull.

The animal control officers said they had to take Lucey to a vet for a “breed check,” a professional opinion to see if Lucey was a pitbull. As they were taking Lucey away, Cartwright asked if she could get a second opinion from her own vet. She was thinking of the DNA tests and didn’t even know if it was available.

“I was actually pretty desperate and I watch a lot of medical shows,” Cartwright said. “I said, ‘Do you guys do DNA testing on dogs?’ It was actually just a grasp (at a solution). We didn’t want her to go, we didn’t want her to be put to sleep. I was angry and upset, and I was just trying to find a different solution.”

So for a cost of $168, Lucey’s DNA was tested and that test got her a “get out of jail free” card!!

The test showed that Lucey was, by DNA, no more than 12.5% each of bull terrier, boxer, and Staffordshire bull terrier with the largest percentage, 25%, being Bernese mountain dog. So Lucey was not “predominantly” pitbull.

So far DNA testing has not been challenged in court and luckily for the Cartwright family, Rose Base, director of the Salina Animal Shelter, accepted the test results and now Lucey is back home and safe with her family.

Most DNA testing companies urged that their tests not be used to enforce breed bans and some will not test for pitbull out of concern that ti could cause the death of an innocent animal.

Lucey had never bitten nor had she ever acted aggressively but was targeted only because of what she looked like, a banned breed. For her, in the end, the news was good and the DNA testing saved her life.

Sadly, some breed bans are based only on a dog’s characteristics rather than actual breed. The only real answer is to do away with BSL… period. Unfortunately, not only are we seeing things move in that direction, we are seeing more and more municipalities adopt this idiotic legislation!! When will it end… when all “dangerous” breeds are eradicated? Or when people open their eyes and see the reality, that it’s not the dogs, it’s the people behind that dogs and finally start repealing these laws? I can’t say I hold my breath for the second option….. 🙁

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