Dunn MadraThis dog was rescued by the Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue and this is her story. I’ll tell you the ending right now, she died and they want to know who starved this poor dog to death.

Who Killed Me?

Hello, my name is Dunn Madra. Well, not really, but that’s what they named me. She said it means “Brown Dog”. She chose the name because she decided that whoever my owners were, that’s probably how they thought of me – Brown Dog. She’s a generous and kind person, this woman that I speak about. She’s never met me in person, but she cried for me today. She was not the only one. Many people cried for me today. I wish they didn’t, I am happy now. I am not hungry, or tired, or cold, or covered in fleas. I am warm and I will never know the feeling of hunger again. I know they tried to save me. But they were too late.

They want to know how I got here. A lady picked me up from the shelter and put me in her warm car. She talked to me on the drive – no one has talked to me in a long time. I could see the pity in her eyes. The nice Doctor and her friends – they want to know too. They had never seen a more emaciated dog, or so many fleas. They stop by and pet me every time they walk past. They were very kind to me. They fed me and made sure I had a warm blanket to lay my head on. They knew how much it hurt me to move. They cared. They loved. They want to know how I got here. I wish I could tell them.

They made promises. They told me that I would never be hungry again, or tired, or cold. They were going to find a new family for me, someone who would love me and play with me. But they were too late. They tried everything they could, but they were too late.

Now they are angry. You see, I died this morning. I didn’t have to. Please help them find the owners that did this to me. You know that you have seen me before. If you haven’t seen me, you’ve seen someone like me, another Dunn Madra, or Brown Dog. I live on a chain in the yard next to you. Maybe you watch me run loose down the street, but you know where I live. You see me in the trash, searching desperately for food, or hiding from the freezing wind under your front porch. If you don’t do something, who will?

If you know my owners, please make an anonymous call to (248) 256-1583. There will be a reward offered.

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