Abandoned_Dog_Dies This past Saturday deputies posted an eviction notice an the apartment at 9832 New Park Road in Westchase, FL. At the time a custodian saw a female boxer inside through the window. Sadly, Animal Control didn’t get to the apartment until Tuesday which was too late for the abandoned dog, she died.

Hillsborough County Animal Services is now seeking the couple who were living at the apartment, Amber and Jorin Steward. The couple who have a history of domestic abuse and violence may have been gone long before the eviction noticed was ever posted. The abandoned dog drank three toilets dry before she succumbed.

“From our experience, we know that animal abuse is consistent with other kinds of abuse,” said spokeswoman Marti Ryan.

“These people took their furniture and left and left a living creature inside this home to die,” said Pam Perry, Hillsborough County Animal Services investigations manager.

“Every one of the toilets is empty. She drank what water she could,” she said. “Found some food items in the garbage and ate that.”

Sadly, the neighbors never heard or saw the dog or they probably would have done something about it. One of the neighbors already has a dog that they rescued from near death.

Anyone with information should call Animal Services at (813) 744-5660 or e-mail info@hillsboroughcounty.org.

What I would like to know is why did it take 3 days for Animal Control to check on the dog?? If someone could see her, they could also have been able to see that she was in distress and immediate action should have been taken in that case. The delay killed that beautiful dog that could have otherwise been saved!

As for the loving, caring owners, who so callously abandoned her, let’s try locking them in a hot box with toilet water and see how they fare. Do people now know or just plain not give a damn about the heartless suffering they inflict on innocent animals? Who knows how long this poor dog suffered in the heart, literally dying of thirst? It breaks me heart that she was abandoned by the very people she trusted to care for her and breaks it again because she was abandoned a second time by an agency that tax dollar support, that could have went in there and rescued her.

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