Jon - abandoned, left to starve and dieUnbelievable! Why would someone do this to a dog? To any living creature? Seems the dogs owners moved out of the Gaven Street house and left this poor dog chained up in the garage to starve and die!

Tom Hayden from animal control says, “We’ve seen some emaciations but not any as drastic as him.”

Hayden said that the dog could have spent up to a month chained in the garage without food, that it’s a miracle he even survived. This dog should weigh in the 40 lb range, he weights 22 lbs. As you can he he is little more than skin and bones.

This past Saturday new tenants that had moved into the home heard noises coming from the garage and that’s when they found ‘Jon’ as the dog has been named, the called animal control and the dog was taken into their custody.. At this point no one know who left the dog there.

Now, authorities are looking for the person responsible, while nursing the dog back to health.

Hayden says, “We hope that being on the air people will seeing the dog maybe identify him as perhaps somebody they recall having that dog.”

In the meantime, they’re giving Jon some exercise time in the backyard, and feeding him a special diet that will help him gain weight in a healthy way.

Hayden says Jon is very special: “His personality is one he deserves the breaks today. He’s looking for a good home. He’s very loving. He just loves people and wants to be up here and enjoy people. He’s been around other pets. Other dogs inside the kennel he has no aggressive behavior towards them, and he just likes attention and love. He’s very sweet.”

He’ll be ready to go home with a new family in a week or two, when he is back to a healthier weight.

If you know anything about this case or want to adopt Jon, contact the animal control office. (14 WFIE)

Animal Care & Control Shelter
815 Uhlhorn Street
Evansville, IN 47710
Phone: (812) 435-6015
Fax: (812) 435-6273
TDD/Hearing Impaired (812) 436-4925

Superintendent: Tom Hayden

If you have any information, please help! Contact the animal control office. No living creature should be treated in this cruel and inhumane manner!

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