BlanchardsNowadays you never know what a security camera is going to catch.  On February 6, a security camera in Blanchard’s Liquor Store in Allston, MA captured a man walk over to a crate with a beagle inside.  He then proceeds to kick the metal crate and jump on it with the dog helpless inside.  The top of the dog crate breaks and smashes down on the dog. Then the man just walks away.

Someone rushes over to help the dog, removing the smashed crate top and taking the dog out, petting and coddling it.  Then another man walks over, grabs a leash, hooks it to the dog and walks out.  The video clip, shown below, only lasts about a minute but it startling and disturbing.

The video, which was posted on Thursday, has had almost 30k views and has prompted people to contact the MSPCA’s (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) law enforcement division to investigate the incident.

“We want to get all of the facts. We want to learn everything about what is depicted in that video, before we move forward. But certainly that video is something that troubled us,” said MSPCA investigator Peter Gollub.

Posted with the video is a comment that states, “blanchards owner stomping sons dog at work… “

The person who posted the video had identified himself as a 20-year-old store employee who was subsequently suspended from his job after posting the video. The manager of Blanchard’s Liquors wouldn’t comment and the owner of the store, John D. Corey Jr., doesn’t seem to have offered a comment either.

No one on the video has been publicly identified and there is an investigation going on. Thankfully, the dog seemed to be alright after the incident but that anyone could do something like that is just unbelievable!

It’s reported that the man who kicked and stomped the dog’s crate is associated with the store and that the incident took place after he had an argument in the store’s parking lot.

Boston police said that the owner of Blanchard’s Liquors, John D. Corey Jr., was issued a license premise violation resulting from an investigation at the store on Friday.

People are calling for a boycott of the store and pickets in front of the store located at the intersection of Harvard and Brighton avenues.

Check the video out and let me know what you think.  It’s is not graphic but it is disturbing in that someone could just do something like that to a totally defenseless little dog!

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