Molly, bashed on head with hammer then buried alive

Update 2/3/09 – Jail for Man Who Buried Dog Alive

Update 12/10/08 – Woman Who Buried Dog Alive Gets Jail Time

See Update – 10/28/08 – Abusers Charged, Necropsy Results

Let me warn you, this is a rough one. This sweet looking dog, a 14 year old female named Molly, faced a gruesome death at the hands of her owners, 75-year-old Hyrum Long and daughter, 49-year-old Susan Johnson of Forest Grove, OR.

They say Molly had been sick for about 6 weeks and they couldn’t stand to see her suffer anymore. They didn’t have any money to have her euthanized so they decided to do it themselves. Since they didn’t have a gun, they used a hammer.

They hit Molly on the head then buried her in a shallow hole in the ground. The left her head sticking out and placed it on a pillow but stuck a log on top of her.

“I went out and I took a hammer and hit her and I thought I’d killed her pretty good,” said Hyrum Long, about his 14-year-old dog, Molly, who he said had been suffering.

“When I left, she was not making no noise or movement,” he said. “(Otherwise) I would have stayed with her and made sure she was dead.”

“She foamed at the mouth,” said Susan Johnson, who also owns the dog. “She showed no signs of life and I wanted her buried here because I’m that close to my dog.”

After this they were so distraught, they decided to go out to dinner. Hunh?? Wait a minute, they didn’t have money to have a very sick dog humanely euthanized but they could afford to go out to dinner. Yeah, and I’m sure anyone who just did that to their dog would want to go grab a bite to eat afterwards, must have been really hard work, ya work up an appetite, y’know.

While they were gone, neighbors heard the cries from the buried alive dog. The Forest Grove Police Department said someone called dispatch to report a dog buried alive at a house on Laurel St in Forest Grove around 4:00 p.m. Friday.

No one was home when the police arrived but they heard a dog crying in the backyard and when they investigated, they found a dog buried up to its neck in pain with an obvious head injury.

Molly was taken to the Humane Society in Portland. Spokesperson Barbara Baugnon said the animal was in extreme pain and in terrible condition when it arrived and was humanely euthanized.

“This is a bad, bad thing to see,” said Kris Otteman with the Oregon Humane Society. “This is a really devastating case and the main issue with it is that I think it’s obvious that the dog had been suffering for a long period of time.”

“Now I wished I’d let her die on her own,” said Long. “I’d never want to see an animal suffer like that.”

Police say there are a lot of unanswered questions. A criminal case has been opened and possible charges include aggravated animal abuse.

I just cannot fathom this! I can understand when an old dog is sick you don’t want it to suffer but to beat it with a hammer and knowing the dog is still alive, they had to know it was alive else why would they have only buried her up to her neck, then to go out to grab dinner.

You watch the video and see pictures of the dog all over, pictures any loving dog owner would take and display, then you hear the manner in which they chose to get rid of the dog, it just doesn’t go together. I hardly even know what to say.

Dog Bashed with Hammer, Buried Alive

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