Tracia JohnsonThis lovely piece of humanity, Tracia Johnson, 34 of Cahokia, IL, has been arrested and charged with cruel treatment of animals and two violations of animals owner’s duties — all misdemeanors, in relation to this cruelly abused dog.

Last Thursday while emptying the trash, a trashman saw a little face peering up at him from the bottom of a dumpster. That face belonged to Tommy, the Throwaway Dog as he’s been dubbed by his rescuers at Hope Animal Rescue. The little black pitbull mix weighed only 30 lbs, 15-20 lbs less than he should have. There was also an electrical cord wrapped around his neck that due to having been there for so long was embedded in the flesh. Tommy was also covered in burned and cuts.

Tommy1“I’m a past canine guy, so it hit me pretty hard,” said Cahokia Police Lt. James Jones. “I’ve never seen an animal in such horrible condition.”

“It appeared the dog kept getting loose, so they put an electric cord as a collar instead of a chain,” Jones explained. The cord kept getting tighter on the dog, making it nearly impossible for the animal to eat, he said.

“He was probably tied by an extension cord out in someone’s back yard and instead of petted like most of us would do with our pets he was kicked, burned, whacked with something that cut his legs,” said Jackie Spiker, Hope Animal Rescue’s co-founder.

TommyPolice believe Johnson may have tossed the dog because she believed he was dead and Jackie Spiker of Hope Animal Rescue is amazed that he was alive. The cord embedded in his neck has caused the flesh to begin to rot and the smell was horrific.

“He smelled like death,” Spiker continued. “I’ve never smelt anything like that. The vet said it was his rotting flesh … What was embedded in him was wiring and plastic, all of that stuff is going to cause a serious infection.”

On Friday Tommy was taken to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital and had the electrical cord surgically removed from his neck and the infection was treated. Both legs were shaved to treat the wounds and he was placed on an IV. By Saturday he was released and had already gained six pounds. Even after the cruel treatment he received, the pain he was in, Tommy was still friendly with everyone, tail wagging and giving kisses.

“It hasn’t broken his spirit I mean if you get close enough he’ll give you a kiss if you get even closer than that he’ll jump up on you,” said Spiker.

He’s got a long road to recovery, the neck wound will take about a month to heal and may require additional surgeries.

Hope Rescue will make sure it’s a happy ending for Tommy, now we just have to hope that Johnson will not have a happy ending for the cruelties she visiting upon this poor innocent baby. Of course, knowing the judicial system as we all do, it will be another slap on the wrist but it would be nice to see this bitch behind bars and deprived of a few meals… among other things I could think of.

Below is a video from shortly after Tommy was found and this story hit the media, before they tracked down Tommy’s owner;

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Tracia Johnson-MySpaceAnd on a side note, our own Andrea loves to track these POSes on social networks and found this one on MySpace. Check out her page URL – Not much to see on her profile, only one pic, looks a lot different from the one at the top od the story though.  She sure must think she’s something tho!

Thanks for the MySpace link Andrea!

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