banditoAn 8-year-old cattle dog lived up to his name, Bandito, when he swiped his owner’s lunch on Sunday at the Del Mar Horse Park. Unfortunately the pooch’s San Juan Capistrano owner, 39-year-old Gabriel Miguel Moreno, didn’t find the offense amusing, to put it mildly. He brutally beat the dog with a 3-foot eucalyptus branch causing lacerations and hemorrhaging of the left eye.

When Moreno was confronted by a witness he said he was angry at the dog for munching his lunch then he fled the scene.

Animal control was called and they seized the branch and transported Bandito to the Carlsbad animal shelter where he was cared for and is expected to recover.

Then to show what a real brainiac this idiot is, he went to claim the dog from the shelter on Tuesday where he was promptly arrested and booked on felony animal cruelty charges. He admitted beating the dog in the head an shoulder with the branch because the dog stole his lunch.

Moreno was taken to jail but not before he surrendered Bandito. Once the pooch had recovered he will be offered for adoption.

Anyone who has dogs know, unless the dog is very well trained, if there’s food they can get to, they will. No matter how much we may anthropomorphize our beloved canine companions, they are still dogs and dogs will be dogs. They don’t deserve to be beaten and abused for doing what come naturally and instinctively to them. Maybe someone should beat this guy with a stick for being an idiot them beat him again for being a vicious SOB!

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