DeeDeeThis is just so heartbreaking! Why do people do this to dogs? I see such horror stories every day but some of them just really get to me. This poor little dog, as damaged as she was still licked the hands of those who tired to help her!!

The Humane Society of Escambia County, Alabama tried to save a dog that was beaten, shot multiple times and then thrown away.

When employees of the Dollar General in Brewton took out the trash Sunday, they found a mixed breed, female dog in the dumpster. The Humane Society says DeeDee was initially very alert and friendly. She wagged her tail and licked the hands of her rescuers. But x-rays revealed three bullets that were lodged in DeDee’s front leg and neck and extensive blunt force trauma to her hips and spine. Her internal organs were also damaged.

“We had hoped and prayed that we could save her,” said Humane Society Director Renee Jones. “The damage was just too great.”

DeeDee was euthanized Monday afternoon at the Brewton Animal Clinic.

Animal cruelty is a felony in Alabama. The Humane Society is asking for your help to catch the person(s) who tortured DeeDee. If you know anything about the case, please call the Humane Society of Escambia County at 251.867.6860. (WKRG)

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