When real estate agent, Jack Buckles, went to a foreclosed house at 320 W. Corydon St. in Bradford, PA, to see how much needed to be done to get the house into salable condition he came upon a gruesome site! In a small outbuilding behind the house he found the corpses of two Great Danes and when authorities were called in, they found the carcases of 21 dogs!

Seems the woman who had lived there, Cheryl Magotta, bred dogs and had been cited in the past for neglect. When she moved from the house several months ago it looks like she nailed shut the door to the outbuilding she had been using for a kennel and left the poor dogs there, without any hope of escape, to starve to death!

The remains included adult and younger dogs in varying degrees of decomposition. They were found in two boarded-up buildings, in shallow graves, wrapped in tarps and underneath old carpet or rugs on the ground. The dogs were believed to have died three to nine months ago and were covered by lime, soil, debris and even dog feces.

Police said a few of the dog carcasses were sent to a local veterinarian for autopsies, and the rest are being kept as evidence. Danias said that the search team tried to gather up everything, but there are still a few pieces of bones here and there on the property, according to local media.

Police said the residence was recently vacated by Magnotta, who had held a licensed kennel for breeding Great Danes and reportedly won a Great Dane Club of America competition with Great Danes she owned in 2004. Officials had said the home had been repossessed by a lending agency, and Magnotta had not lived at the house for the past several months. Danias reportedly cited Magnotta in the past for neglecting dogs.

Police said Magnotta is believed to be a native of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, according to local media. (The Bradford Era)

Bradford Township Police and McKean County Humane Officer Tony Danias are now looking for Cheryl Magnotta for questioning about these heinous crimes! Magotta will be facing some serious charges including cruelty to animals for possible starvation and neglect.

Laurie Zoock, public relations director of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, was saddened and outraged by this whole situation and said, “The owner of these Danes could have reached out to local rescues and shelters for assistance, rather than choose to desert them under exceptionally cruel circumstances and let these dogs starve to death.”

There is NEVER an excuse to treat dogs or any animal like this! There are too many organization that will more then willingly help someone who can no longer care for their dogs. People who treat animals like this need to have the same fate visited on them! When will people ever understand that dogs are living, breathing, feeling creatures? When will the judicial system ever decide to start letting the punishment fit the crime?!

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