Cane ToadAussie dog, Bella, and Spew, the cane frog are none the worse for wear after the frog spent 40 minutes inside Bella after being gobbled down with her dinner.

Cane toads are highly toxic and can kill a dog within 20 minutes but Bella, the dog, wasn’t thinking about cane toads as she gobbled up the leftovers that her owner, Jackson Crews, 27, tossed her.

As she was happily munching, a cane toad jumped in and got gobbled up along with the food.

“I threw them on the grass and as I did I noticed a cane toad. Bella saw it and thought it was one of the pies. She swallowed it whole,” said Crews.

Crews called a vet and immediately got Bella in where she was given an injection to make her vomit. Up came her supper, but no toad. Another injection and out popped the toad, amazingly whole and intact. Even more amazingly, after a few minutes the toad began moving.

“Spew” as the toad has been named is recovering from it’s ordeal and Bella is just fine too. A pretty harrowing experience that the Crews family will now be able to laugh about for years to come!

Dog Eats Toxic Toad, Both Survive

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