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For the Love of the Dog

Dog Dragged, A Horrific Accident and A Family Doing What it Takes

Most of the time when I write about a dog being dragged behind a vehicle it’s usually a vicious cruelty. Sometimes it is an accident but even then the culprits have to be hunted down because they don’t want to take responsibility.  In this case, it really is a terrible accident and the dog’s family is going to any lengths to do what’s right for their beloved furry family member.

Jason Bond of Kennewick, WA, and his family were camping with a group of friends when the accident happened.  Tank, Bond’s 9-year-old shepherd/chow mix was on a tie out over night while everyone slept.  About 5:30 am, one of the friends packed up to go off hunting and didn’t realized Tank’s lead had somehow gotten hooked on the truck’s hitch and with Tank being black and it still being dark, he never noticed the dog.

It wasn’t until he got to his destination a mile or two away that he realized what happened.  Tank was rushed to the  Associated Veterinary Medical Center where Dr. Dallas Thompson didn’t hesitate.

“I didn’t have any money, and Dr. Thompson didn’t hesitate for a moment to treat Tank … He started working on him immediately and called in four or five other techs on a Sunday when it was closed,” Bond said.

The family discusses whether it was right to keep Tank alive knowing that he was in severe pain but the vet assured him and his family that Tank could recover and be fine.

Then the family had to figure out how to come up with what it was going to cost to pay for Tank’s care which would quickly climbed to $5,000 and was expected to hit $10,000 before he came home. They didn’t think twice about selling prized possessions including 2 horses, motorcycles and even a 1966 Bronco that he has spent 8 years fixing up for his 14-year-old daughter for when she got her license.

“She looked at me and was crying and said, ‘Dad, if you need to sell my Bronco, do whatever you need to save my dog. If you have to sell my horses, sell my horses,’ ” Bond said.

Tanks has been at the Medical Center for about two weeks and is expected to be there for at least another two weeks.

To Jason Bond and his family, Tank is much more than “just a dog.”

“A lot of people think we’re silly for putting this money into a 9-year-old dog, but people don’t understand he’s more than a pet,” Bond said.

Tank came into the Bond family when they learned of a litter of puppies that had been abandoned by their mother. The Bonds searched for homes for the puppies, but in the end could not find anyone to take the remaining dog. They adopted him when he was so young he had to be fed by bottle.

Bond described how at the family’s former home outside of Seattle, Tank would walk his daughter to the bus stop every morning and pick her up every afternoon. And despite the fact they had a large property with minimal fencing, Tank always stayed at their home.

“We’d go out to dinner or something and it was like Lassie. He’d be sitting on the driveway waiting,” Bond said. (Union-Bulletin)

I’ve done so many stories about when a dog is injured the owner will just dump it off because they can’t afford care and sometimes I can understand but how many of those people truly try to do whatever it takes to find the funds? Not too many of them.

Sometimes it’s important to see people out there who love their canine companions so much and recognize just how special and important they are that they will go to just about any lengths for them.  I know that I would do the same as would so many of you.

It really does me heart good to know that Tank is recovering and soon will be home with the family that loves him and that Dr. Dallas Thompson and the Associated Veterinary Medical Center are working with Tank’s family and making this all possible.  So many vets wouldn’t bother unless they had the cash upfront!

If this story has touch you and you want to help, donations can be sent to the Associated Veterinary Medical Center at 208 Wildwood St, Walla Walla, WA 99362 or you can call 509-525-2502.

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