Dragged Dog in Clayton, GA - SparkySomeone had this poor dog attached by a leash to the rear bumper of a car and dragged him last Thursday afternoon, on Frontage Road, just off Interstate 75 Exit 237, Clayton, Georgia and Clayton County authorities are asking for help in finding the person who did this.

After the dog slipped out of its collar, a Good Samaritan who saw the dog’s plight stopped to help the injured pooch.

The dog is now being cared for at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic, where the staff has nicknamed the terrier mix Sparky — they said that despite losing the pads, skin and nails on all four of his paws, the dog still has a sweet disposition. They said it will take months for Sparky’s wounds to heal.

“He is in the same amount of pain that a burn victim often is, so we have to give him high doses of medication,” said veterinarian Julia Fann. “And we actually have to anesthestitize him when we change his bandages.”

There is a $2,000 reward offered for any information in the case, and Atlanta Pet Rescue is collecting money to pay for the mounting vet bills. (11 Alive)

The following are a couple of comment posted from the news story which may help with information;

From Yvonne

The news clip is reporting the wrong street – it is Frontage Road not street – it also happened at 12:00p.m. at lunch time. A lady at our work chased down the truck trying to get him to stop. He was a Hispanic male driving a silver pick up truck. She was too upset to get the tag number. When the dog came free from its collar, she stopped to take care of the dog while waiting on animal control to get there.

From Witness

I am the witness talked about in the article. I am so excited to see that this horrific situation has been brought to public light. I was happy that the dog was saved and kicked myself for not getting the tag number of the vehicle, but I was more concerned about saving the dog after it broke loose from the truck. Thank God I was chasing the vehicle on the side rather than behind. I have never witnessed such a display of cruelty and take comfort in knowing that “Sparky” will be ok.

There was a dump truck following this vehicle from Southfield Parkway to Kennedy Drive. There was also another vehicle, small 4 door sedan, that pulled out onto Frontage Road at JcPenny Road and followed behind the Silver single cab pickup truck. Those people are the ones who really need to contact authorities.

To make a donation for Sparky’s care – Atlanta Pet Rescue – Donations

Clayton County Police Deputy Chief Tim Robinson said the department is still waiting to see if Sparky’s owner comes looking for him.

Robinson, himself an animal lover, said he can’t imagine who would want to tie a dog to a vehicle’s bumper and deliberately drag it down the street.

“I would much rather believe it’s just someone who stopped somewhere and tied the dog to the bumper so he or she wouldn’t be in a car in this heat, and just forgot about the dog when they left,” he said. “That would be better than someone doing this on purpose.”

Anyone with information related to Sparky’s case can call Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption at (404) 815-6680, or the Clayton County Police Department at (770) 477-3747. (News-Daily)

This poor dog is in a great deal of pain and the person who did this to him is out there on the loose! Do you know anything about it? Do you know this dog? Don’t let this poor dog be just another innocent victim who never gets justice!!

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