Gunny This is Gunny, an 18 month old Boxer who was found by a motorist on the side of the road Wednesday near Harleton, TX. Someone tied Gunny to a car and dragged him, injuring severely, the rope was still around his neck. Authorities worry because he’s not the first dog found with these injuries and they fear he may not be the last.

“What has this animal done to deserve to be treated that way,” said Tyler animal rescue worker Denise Wilson. When the Boxer, named Gunny, was brought in to Allred Veterinary Clinic in Marshall, Wednesday workers could hardly believe it.Gunny

“My findings did reveal this dog had been dragged behind a car, which is a crime, with the injuries consistent with the feet being injured by trying to stop itself and then eventually dragging on the ground,” said Marshall Animal Control Officer Eva Sepulvado. Gunny has terrible wounds to his feet and flanks, but amazingly he survived.

“He has an exposed bone, which will most likely have to be amputated in this coming week,” said Veterinary Technician Mandi Little.

“My first reaction was I thought I was going to be sick,” said Wilson. “Why, why would anybody want to do something to an animal that unconditionally loves you.” Gunny is not the first dog to be dragged. Investigators say they found another dog with similar injuries just two months ago.

“Because this was not the first dog found in this area, we immediately were concerned that we perhaps had a serial animal abuser on our hands,” said Sepulvado. After his examination, Gunny was found to be neutered, possibly someone’s missing pet. Gunny will require surgery and healing time, and those who’ve cared for him hope the one who did this, will be brought to justice.

“We need to find out who’s doing this and put a stop to it now,” said Sepulvado. Gunny will require surgery and extensive vet care. If you’d like to help with donations, call Allred Veterinary Clinic in Marshall at 903-938-6629. If you have any information on the dragging, call the Marshall Police Department. (KLTV)

WARNING – The following pictures of Gunny’s injuries are GRAPHIC

Gunny's injuriesGunny's injuries
All I can say is that it takes a really sick and twisted person to do something like this to an innocent, defenseless and trusting creature. If they can do this to an animal, what’s going to stop them from abusing a person to get their jollies next time. The correlations between animal abuse and interpersonal violence is well known and documented.

Who will be the next victim, another innocent dog?  A child? Who knows? But you can bet that if someone is getting their thrills like this, there will be a next victim!!

Dog Dragged, Left for Dead

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