lottiThere are truly days that I am ashamed to be a member of the human race when I share my species with those that can do something like this to a tiny defenseless creature.  This is Lotti.  She was found in an empty lot in Phoenix, AZ by a man who was looking at graffiti and noticed her, thankfully, or she would not have survived.  Just a tiny little long-haird chihuahua mix, left to suffer an die horribly.

“It was around her head and neck, duct taped around. So they really tried to make her suffer,” said Marisa McHugh, with Arizona Humane Society. “This is horrible. How they can do that to an innocent animal and walk away to let her suffer like that?”

And as if this story could be any worse than it is, it’s believed it’s possible that the culprits of this horrific crime may be juveniles, as young as 12 and 14 years old!

“The witness on scene saw three or four 12 to 14 year olds right there in the area. As soon as they saw him and he saw them, they were very suspicious and took off immediately,” said Stacie DaBolt, field operations manager with the Arizona Humane Society.

The human society plans to investigate and hopes to find some leads. They just cannot believe anyone would do such a thing to such a sweet little dog.

“She’s so sweet, that’s why we don’t understand it. I mean, she’s been a good dog. While I was putting the catheter in, she never tried to bite or nip,” said Mc Hugh. “She’s just been a perfect dog.”

Unfortunately I can believe it and am seeing cruelty like this more and more, children that are little monsters, inflicting pain and suffering and think its funny or amusing. You have to wonder what is missing in their hearts, souls and lives to turn to such cruelties. Are we looking a psychopaths here, future violent criminals? It’s very possible. I hope they are found and maybe they can get help before it’s too late if it’s not already.

I’m thankful this Good Samaritan was in the right place at the right time to save this little one and hopefully she will recover fully and find the wonderful loving home that every furry companion so deserves.

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