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For the Love of the Dog

Dog Fighting Ring Interrupted by Police – VIDEO

Police raided a Chicago home and found guns and a dog fighting ring this weekend. Three men face felony charges.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police arrested more than 50 people in the incident, which involved two pit bulls. Police say one of the dogs was so badly injured, it could barely stand.

Donaver Jones (fron left), Melvin Trent and Timothy Norris face felony dog fighting charges. Jones is accused of arranging a dog fight at a South Side home.

Charged with dogfighting on Sunday were 38-year-old Donaver Jones of Riverdale and Joliet residents 37-year-old Melvin Trent and 35-year-old Timothy Norris.

The crowd included pregnant women and teenagers cheering at two pitbulls ripped each other apart in a makeshift fighting ring in the basement of an Englewood home in the 500 block of West 66th Street.

With that, organizers cut the lights in the room, leaving Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, his deputies and police navigating the room with flashlights for a time, illuminating a pen where one dog lay dying and the other was still barking, ready to fight, the swarm of people — some lying on the floor, others standing by as if nothing was wrong — and several guns lying around the room, officials said.

Before it was over, three alleged ringleaders were arrested, the rest issued misdemeanor tickets for attending the event, and Dart was counting the bust, one of several dozen since he took office in 2006, as the first of its kind for his deputies: breaking up a fight in progress.

“We were very surprised to walk in to that, in process of it going on, that’s somewhat unusual,” said Dart, adding that the fight had probably been going on about 15 minutes before it was stopped. “The whole thing was unsettling, there were little kids, a pregnant woman, guns all over the place,” he said. (Chicago Sun-Times)

One of those arrested, Jones, actually talked to police about another dogfighting ring he had been involved in and “his arrest two years ago in Downstate Livingston County, where authorities interrupted a large-scale dog-fighting operation.”

Guess he was pretty proud of himself.

I think authorities should toss these people in a ring and make them fight each other, see how they like it.  I would say toss them in a ring with some aggressive pitbulls and let them be otrn to shreds but that would be unfair to the dogs.  Pitbulls have it bad enough withut people like this trash training them to be vicious fighing machines.  Victims and victimized again and again!

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