redbellyWhen Joe Logan of Wheaton, IL, took his dog, Redbelly, out for a walk on Friday morning, Redbelly decided to mix a little heroism with his business.  He alerted Logan to something by barking and pulling him toward some bushes.  When Logan investigated, he found an abandoned newborn baby naked in the bushes next to a garage.

“I heard a little whimper, a tiny whimper,” Logan said, and when he followed Redbelly the dog led him to a shivering naked infant, umbilical cord still attached.

“He looked like a newborn,” Logan said. “He was very dirty, twigs and leaves around him, it was overwhelming.”

Logan wrapped the 5-lb baby, who still had part of his umbilical cord attached and was covered in leaves, twigs and dirt, in a towel and called the police.  Rushed to the hospital, the infant was listed in critical condition but by Saturday his condition was upgraded to fair.  Authorities believed the baby had been left outside for hours, since shortly after his birth to a 24-year-old Nunu Sung, a recent immigrant from Myanmar who had the child without benefit of medical attention.

A canvas of nearby apartments quickly turned up the new mother who was also taken to the hospital for treatment.  Sung was also charged with felony child endangerment and two counts of obstructing justice and was held on a $50k bond.

Under the IL Safe Haven Law, the baby could have seen safely and legally turned over to any hospital, emergency medical facility or staffed fire station or police station with no questions asked within 7 days f its birth. Luckily for this infant, he will not join the statistics of the 27 illegally abandoned babies who died thanks to an inquisitive dog and an owner who followed up.

Way to go Redbelly and Logan! Like so many of the lucky dogs that I write about, this child will also have a second chance to be fostered and hopefully adopted by a loving family.

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