UPDATE – 9/13/13 – See the amazing update on the sweet pup 4 years later! Dog Hogtied and Abandoned, Then and Now

A woman walking her dogs in Encanto Park in Phoenix, AZ came across a sight that she will probably not forget anytime soon.  A small dog tied up in a blue shirt, tied to a picnic table, totally helpless and scared.

When the shirt that bound the dog was removed it was discovered that whoever did this also hogtied her 4 legs together.  She was also emaciated and most likely abused.

Taken to the Circle L Ranch and Rescue, she’s slowly recovering with some good food, love and attention but she’s still very skittish and scared of people.  No one really knows what was done to this little girl or who did it but authorities are investigating.

The good Samaritan who rescued this little girl says she’s seeing more and more abandoned pets in the park area but police can’t confirm possible because people aren’t reporting it.  This was never reported to the police and only came to attention due to the media story initially.

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Let’s see if we can’t get the word out there on this dog, someone might be able to recognize her, know who had her and know who abused and abandoned her. She didn’t deserve this and is lucky to have been found and rescued. No one knows how long she lay there tied up and along before she was found but she was very dehydrated as well.

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