Amanda ToddThis winner is 21-year-old Amanda Todd of Greenboro, NC.  During a night of drinking and drugging she picked up her roommate’s tiny Maltese, Little Richard, and slammed the dog against the wall so hard the blood was spattered everywhere and the dog’s teeth were scattered. She confessed this to the Greensboro Police, was arrested, charged with felony animal cruelty and bonded out.

Now, she’s recanting the story completely and police are somewhat surprised.  She is claiming complete innocence and says she doesn’t know what happened. A dog owner herself, she says she loves dogs and would never do anything to hurt one.

A freelance dog groomer who worked at Dog Days, a dog daycare and grooming business on Battleground Avenue, you can bet they let her go pretty quick. Who would want to have their dog groomed by some partying, drugging dog killer?

little_richardSo now her, no doubt, former roommate, Carrie Steadman, will mourn the loss of her baby, a little dog that did nothing but annoy a drugged out, waste of human life and lost its own life.

Check out the video below, how cold and callous this “dog lover” is! Amazing!! I just want to slap those lies right out of her mouth… just for starters! Not going to say what I want to do beyond that, I’m sure you can all use your imagination.

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