Dog stuck in car grill This weird bit of news comes to us from Italy.  Seems a driver, Marco Menozzi, slammed into a stray dog while on a rural road in Cozze, southern Italy while doing about 70 mph.

For some reason, he didn’t bother to stop and just proceeded on his merry way another 15 miles before he finally did stop. Imagine his amazement when he found that the dog had wound up in his grill and managed to stay there through the remainder of the trip.

This lucky dog escaped death and his only injuries were some bruises and a broken leg, which were treated. Now the dog is recuperating and looking for someone to adopt him.

‘He’s a very lucky boy,’ said one policeman.

‘He was saved because he was hit so hard. Any softer and he would have bounced off the car and been crushed under the wheels.’

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