EncantoFour years ago, October of ’09, I did a story about a small dog tied up in a blue shirt, tied to a picnic table, totally helpless and scared. Unwrapped from the shirt, it was discovered that the pup had also been hogtied and was emaciated and dehydrated. No telling how long she’d laid there, abandoned and scared.

The sweet girl, then called Encanto after the park she was found at, was lucky.  She was found by someone who cared and placed her in the hands of a wonderful rescue and finally into the arms of her forever family.

Now, almost four years later, I received a wonderful update and some pictures that will make your heart sing with joy… Encanto, now Faith, is living the life as all dogs should but I’ll let her “mom,” Amy Nash, share her story since that horrific time… She was inspired to write after coming across the original post I did on her baby…

Deanna…I came across this story on your website earlier this summer (Dog Found Bound, Tied and Abandoned – VIDEO). I had not seen it before and even though it is over 4 years old now, I just want you to know that I am the person who adopted “Encanto” after she was found. Her name is now Faith and she is the most amazing dog. Despite all of that horrific abuse (and she suffered a lot based on what I saw after we got her), she has blossomed. The video posted here really jarred me into reality, yet it makes me so happy to see how far Faith has come.   If you ever want to see an update on her, please let me know. With kind regards – Amy Nash

Of course I immediately got back in touch, what a joy to find out how far she’s come and how she was doing now… 🙂

Here are multiple pics (can you tell I love this lil girl) of Faith now. She is the youngest of the Nash pack, although she attempts to show her alpha side on occasion. It will be four years in October that I adopted her. We had just lost our oldest in June 2009 and I was not looking for another dog. A co-worker sent me pictures of her when she was tied up and something about those eyes called to me. I tracked her down at Lost Our Home and was able to meet her the following weekend. I got my application in just before the news piece was aired…thank god. Her foster mom, Brenda Breit, and I stay in contact and I send her pictures of Faith now. I also drop in from time to time with the lady who found her that day so that she can see how Faith is doing. We had some separation anxiety initially which resulted in the replacement of probably 6 comforters, numerous pairs of shoes, books, baskets, rugs, etc., but eventually she settled down. She is the most loving dog I have ever had. And she is super smart too. I used to dream of a day where I would run into whoever did that to her and what I would do, but now, I am just grateful that she was saved and I was the lucky person who adopted her. That video really jarred me when I saw it. I remember the photos of her from that fateful day and when I look at what she has become, I am so blessed. In 2012, Lost Our Home invited Faith and I out to their annual fundraising gala at Gainey Ranch Golf Course. I told the attendees her story and how she pays it forward with her older fur-brother, Maddux. Maddux has lymphoma, diabetes, liver disease, Valley Fever and Hepatocutaneous Syndrome and Faith was so gentle and comforting to Maddux when he was undergoing chemotherapy. She truly is a doll and I will forever be grateful to those that saved her. I hope you enjoy the multitude of pictures attached. As you can see, she is not a skinny little dog any longer. The pics of her at the dog park were from the very first day that we brought her home. Hard to believe its been four years.

Thank you for responding. I hope you enjoy this peek into the life of one that got saved. 🙂

And the change from that poor, scared pup tied in a shirt… now we see a lively and vibrant dog that is happy and joyful, loving life!

Thank you again, Amy, how wonderful to hear about and see Faith today… seeing so much horror everyday, it’s so important to see the other side….


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