cabrilloThis cute little pooch, a Portie just shy of 2-years-old, named Cabrillo is being honored as a hero after he awoke and alerted his owner, Sandra Angel, of a serious danger too close to home for comfort.

“He came over to my bed, he started scratching. He was pawing and just nudging, running from one window to another and then he started barking a little and quite a bit more,” Angel said.

She told Cabrillo to go back to sleep but the persistent pooch was not going to be denied.

“I sat up, got up I smelled smoke and was, oh no this isn’t happening,” she said.

Turns out a neighbor’s home just three doors down from her own was on fire. Once Angel realized the danger, she and her boyfriend sprang into action, calling the fire department and alerting the still sleeping occupants of the house.

Thanks to Cabrillo, no one was injured in the fire and now the pooch is reaping his own rewards, the San Diego Fire and Rescue rewarded Cabrillo with it’s first ever honorary dog award on Tuesday.

Again and again, our canine companions show us they that though dogs they are, they are never “just a dog!” They are our friends, companions and very often, heroes.

Way to go Cabrillo!

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