Update 7/13/09 – Surveillance Video Shows the Truth, Walker County HS Lies Unveiled About Dog Killed – VIDEO

Update 6/3/09 – Witnesses Dispute Shelter Claims About Boost, Dog Killed 1/2 Hour After Drop Off – PETITION

Marcus Campbell, Jasper, AL, was happy when he found out his escaped boxer, Boost, had been found and turned into the Humane Society in Walker County. He showed up early the next morning before the shelter was even open to pick up his prodigal pooch only to find out that Boost had been euthanized within a half hour of being dropped of at the shelter.

“She asked what I needed, and I said, ‘I’m here to pick up my dog that you got in at 4 o’clock.’ She said, ‘The only dog we got in at 4 o’clock was the boxer dog that an old couple brought in.’ I said, ‘Yes, ma’am. That’s him,’ and she said, ‘We done put him to sleep.'”

Humane Society Executive Director Lane Reno says the dog was dropped off by an elderly couple at 4 pm, quickly evaluated by staff, thought initially to be a pitbull or pitbull mix and euthanized by 4:30. She didn’t sound too remorseful that they had killed a beloved family pet either.

“We can have any individual bring a dog in. It’s a family pet. It’s never bitten anybody. It’s really nice, but I guarantee you if it tries to bite one of us while we’re reaching for it, we cannot and will not put that animal up for adoption.”

Basically, the shelter was full, they had to available cages or space so it was quickly bye-bye to Boost ever though Marcus Campbell says Boost was a friendly dog, had a collar and was well-fed and taken care of.

Campbell’s attorney, Brett Wadsworth, will file a civil lawsuit on Tuesday- against the Walker County Humane Society, Executive Director Lane Reno, and Walker County this Tuesday, arguing all three broke the law.

“What our goal is in this is not to get a large sum of money,” Wadsworth explains. “Our goal is to make sure this does not happen again.”

The law requires dog or cat owners be notified when their animal is impounded, if ownership can be determined, or the animal may be put up for adoption after at least seven days. The Code of Alabama also requires all counties to have a suitable pound and impound officer. Walker County, which has neither, is essentially breaking the law. The City of Jasper pays the Humane Society to impound its dogs.

“And that’s the keyword, ‘impound,'” Reno says. “That’s official Animal Control when you can impound animals and hold them in hopes that an owner comes, but we just don’t have that kind of facility.” Reno maintains lack of space has been an issue. (

To me this is just incomprehensible! To euthanize a dog almost immediately without giving the owner a chance to come forward, especially a dog which is so obviously healthy and well-bred. Even if the dog were “moody” as she put it, that’s no reason. He was probably scared, traumatized. Most shelters will hold a dog for a certain period of time in case it belongs to someone before they put it up for adoption or euthanize it if they decide it cannot be adopted. There is no excuse for for this!

I am not a fan of lawsuits, too many of them are frivolous, set forth by greedy people who just want to line their pockets but in this case, I hope he wins and makes a big impression so that something like this never happens again!

Please take just a moment to sign the petition below and share your thoughts and support for Marcus.


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