When the Murray County, TN Sheriff’s department got a call about men having cut a dog’s head off and eating it, you can imagine they were a little wary.  What they found when they got to the home at 130 Greyland Farm Road they are calling one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

RoachThree men, Richard Roach (left), 50, Randall Blaylock (top left), 54, and Geffery Fuller (top right), 45, covered in blood, intoxicated claiming to have just killed a deer. Investigating deputies found a gruesome scene, a bloodied ax in the back yard next to a chopping block, a dog’s limbs, head and skin in a burning barrel and the rest of the carcass in the freezer.

The men finally admitted that they had killed the family dog, a black mixed-breed named Ruby, and skinned it out and dressed it as they would a deer. When asked why, Fuller said they were following “God’s plan.”

Blaylock and Roach, a registered sex offender, were denied bond on Wednesday by Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran because of numerous “failure to appear” charges. They are scheduled to appear next Wednesday in Superior Court for another bond hearing.

Roach was convicted of child molestation in 89 and had just been released from prison in October on forgery charges which he is still under probation for.

Fuller was taken to the hospital with complaints of chest pains but will appear for a bond hearing Friday.

Oddly enough it appears that Fuller is the one who made the call to the Sheriff’s department.

A male caller said, “I’ve got a couple of idiots here (that) killed a dog and chopped its head off … They’re not in their right mind right now.” When the dispatcher attempted to get more information, the caller said, “They just chopped a dog’s head off and they’re eating it.” When the dispatcher asked if alcohol or drugs were being used, the caller replied, “We all been drinking — we don’t do drugs.” He then identified the other men as Roach and Blaylock.

Dog Killed, Skinned, Dismembered

I don’t even know what to say about this, about these sick pieces of trash.  Angry, disgusted, pissed off… these words do not even begin to describe my feelings toward them and the rest of what I can put into words I can’t even write here.  When I first read this story and watched the video all I could do was say “oh my God” over and over again and cry, cry for the innocent life so brutally taken but these sick, drunk things….

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