Freddie Mosck - Dog Killer for Hire

See Update – 10/1/08 – Two in ‘Dog Killer for Hire’ Case Sentenced

See Update – 8/21/08 – Freddie Mock Offered Plea Deal

Freddie Mock, 53, of rural Manito is charged with aggravated cruelty, a felony, in Mason County. Mock was arrested for beating a cocker spaniel with a hammer after he was allegedly hired to kill the dog for $25.

This story is enough to turn anyone’s stomach, among other things.

A woman had seen Mock in a wooded area and asked him what he was doing, Oldham said. He told her he was going to the bathroom, then he left in his vehicle. As soon as he pulled away, she could hear the dog wailing, Oldham said. The woman called police.

When they got there, the cocker spaniel was in a lot of pain and was bleeding, with injuries to its head, back, jaw and mouth, Oldham said.

A veterinarian did emergency surgery, but the dog’s injuries were so severe it had to be euthanized the next morning. Oldham said she thinks it was around 4 years old.

A Pets Without Parents volunteer recognized the cocker spaniel because a woman in Manito had approached her about it recently, asking if the group would take it since it had bitten someone.

She was told that because the dog had bitten someone it probably was not adoptable. She was advised to go to a veterinarian and have it euthanized for $30 or $35, Oldham said.

When she confronted the woman who owned the cocker spaniel, she said she had gotten rid of it, Oldham said, but she could not produce a veterinarian’s bill for euthanasia.

“She said, ‘There is no vet. I paid a guy $25 to kill my dog,'” Oldham said.

The owner, Connie Vanderheiden, also is charged with aggravated cruelty. Her first court appearance will be Aug. 7. (PJ Star)

And it seems that this is not the only time Mock has hired himself out as a dog killer, several other people have come forward saying they paid him to kill their dogs when they no longer wanted them.

Mock, who is unemployed and uses foodstamps, also supplements his income by breeding dogs as well.

Oldham said she found Mock and warned him she would be watching him to make sure any other dogs he had were being well cared for.

He also was breeding and selling dogs, Oldham said. He hid his dogs with friends around the county after that but recently surrendered them to the group, she added.

Of the 14 dogs Mock turned over, three died. Eleven more need homes, Oldham said. Two of those, a dachshund and a schnauzer, tested positive for heartworm. It will cost $150 per dog to have them treated.

So this piece of human trash brings them in and takes them out. Seems to me he needs to be taken out, of circulation at the least! Hopefully, this is not the only charge he will be facing. An investigation is ongoing right now into the allegations that he was also paid to kill other dogs.

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