This story comes from Didsbury Canada where a man bound a dog with duct tape, clubbed the dog with a shovel, tried to asphyxiate it with a plastic bag, tied it to his vehicle and dragged it, then left the poor dog, still alive, in the middle of a road. The critically injured dog was found by a passerby and had to be euthanized by a vet.

And for his crimes, to which he pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty, he was given two years’ probation, three months’ house arrest and ordered to perform 240 hours of community service.

Animal rights activists showed up to express their outrage at lenient sentences given animal abusers.

“I’m just sick about it because the judge made it sound like an accident,” said Heather Anderson, a Calgary dog owner. “How is this town going to forgive that dog killing?

Seems the judge in the case, Judge Peter Barley, concluded the accused had inadvertently run over the dog at a friend’s home and then crudely attempted to dispose of the dog to hide the original accident.

So to camouflage an accident he makes it look like some deranged psychopath abused the dog? Well, the judge may have fallen for it but it sounds far from plausible to me!

Crown prosecutor Richelle Freiheit argued “there was an intentional infliction of pain in which there is no lawful or reasonable excuse.”

Far too often you see these heinous crimes punished by little more than a slap on the wrist! The innocent and defenseless are victimized and they have no one to speak for them but us and it seems the judicial system ignores our cries for justice time and time again!

Studies have shown again and again the link between these kinds of crimes and future violent offenders. I’ve written about it before – The Abuse Connection – Animal Cruelty and Interpersonal Violence. Maybe if these offenders were taught a lesson at this stage, the course of violence could be changed! Raise your voice, show your anger and outrage when you hear these types of things. The judicial system is doing nothing but perpetuating future violence!

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