Dr Daniel RandallOne of the very last people you would ever expect to be negligent, to leave a dog in a hot car, is someone who devotes their life to caring for animals but that’s just what happened in Greenville,  SC. Dr. Daniel Randall of the Foothills Veterinary Hospital admits that he left client, Phyllis Burton’s 3-year-old Boston Terrier, Max, in his car. The dog suffered heat stroke and blood clotting.

Dr. Randall broke down talking about the incident, “It breaks my heart this happened on my watch. It is an inexcusable mental lapse for some one in my position. I can’t allow myself to be distracted by all the tasks that are involved in running a busy vet hospital to the degree that it allows things like this to happen.”

And he’s right, regardless of distractions, there is no excuse for what happened!

While transporting Max from the Moonville office to Greenville for a weekend boarding, he says he got busy on the drive, taking phone calls, and when he pulled up to the office his waiting room was full and in his rush, Max was forgotten. Luckily for Max, one of the technicians heard barking coming from the car and rescued the pooch from certain death.

Dr Daniel Randall-MaxAfter emergency treatment including blood transfusions and plasma and a week in the hospital, Max is doing much better now and is home with his family. Needless to say, his family is upset and distraught over this.

“I’m glad he survived, but I hope theres nothing long term, down the road, I hope he doesn’t have to be euthanized because of this accident,” Phyllis Burton said. “He can say he’s sorry but I don’t want any one else’s dog to go through this.”

Dr. Randall has been charged with animal mistreatment and faces court and a fine.

Although there is no excuse and thankfully Max survived, I was pleased to see Dr. Randall step up and take responsibility for his actions and accept the blame. He showed true remorse and didn’t make any excuses. He was wrong and said so. Gotta give the guy points for that, so many just make excuses. I have a feeling that this is a lesson that he will not forget!

Like owner, Phyllis Burton, I hope Max suffers no long term problems from this and recovers completely.

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