Hope in a Crate

This poor dog was found abandoned, stuffed in a wire crate so small that she couldn’t stand, covered with a blanket on hot concrete next to a dumpster in Livonia, MI.

The dog, a mixed breed lab, had been severely abused over a period of time. She was extremely malnourished, her left ear was barely hanging on and will need to be amputated. She has skin problems so severe that at first they thought she had been burned but it was due to months of neglect.

The dog was found by employees at Blockbuster Video at Six Mile Road and MiddlebeltHope Road and was taken to the Westland Humane Society where she will be cared for and once she is recovered, ‘Hope’, as she was named, will be able to be adopted and given the loving life she deserves.

Authorities are looking for anyone who may have some knowledge about ‘Hope’ to find the person who left the poor dog locked up and left to die. Any person who has information that could lead to an arrest could receive $500.

If you know anything, please, contact the Livonia Police Dept. Any person who could do something like this to an innocent dog is a danger as it’s been proven again and again that people who hurt, neglect and abuse animals have a much higher tendency to also enact violence against people.

If you would like to donate money or adopt Hope, you can call 734-721-7300.

The Westland Humane Society is located at 900 North Newburgh Road in Westland, Mi 48185.

Source – ClickOnDetroit

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