BujuImagine having a beautiful dog that you care about but you have to move somewhere that pets are not allowed. So you take your dog to the Animal Rescue League hoping that he will find a new home and family. Then you find someone who wants the dog and tells you they will give him a home and take care of him. It feels like a miracle, your dog will be saved and go to a good home. You retrieve the dog and put him into the care of this person.

This is the first half of what sounds like a wonderful ‘happy ending’ story for Buju, a 4 yr old German Shepherd pit bull mix in Pittsburgh. The ending, unfortunately, didn’t turn out so happy, it actually turned out gruesome!

A plastic bag was found in the middle of the 7900 block of Susquehanna Street yesterday afternoon and stuffed inside of the bag was the body of Buju. The poor dog had been shot in the back of his head and his right front paw had been cut off.

While an arrest warrant has not yet been issued, the police do have a suspect in mind. “He had been bragging in the community not only had he performed this – that he shot the dog – he also cut off the dog’s front right paw,” Commander Rashall Brackney said. “It was a very, very cruel crime.”

Brackney would not identify the man although the police did receive numerous calls from the public identifying him due to his bragging.

“It was a strange twist of fate that the animal wound up dying at the hand of the caregiver,” she said.

Even some of the police offices at the scene, who witness crimes everyday, were upset of the mutilation killing of the dog. Two of the officers were unable to process the scene because it was too ‘gruesome.’

“If a person can do this to a defenseless animal as a caregiver, you have to wonder what type of violence he is capable of inflicting on society in general,” she said.

Needless to say, the original owner of the dog is very upset.  She and her children were attached to Buju and had him since he was a tiny puppy. She now has the horrible task of explaining to her children what happened to the dog that they gave to this man to care for because they didn’t want to take a chance on him being put down if a new owner couldn’t be found to adopt him at the shelter.

The Homewood man, when he is apprehended, will be charged with cruelty to animals and a possible weapons violation for killing and mutilating Buju. If found guilty, he could do some jail time. We can only hope!

Source – MSNBC, Tribune Review, KDKA

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