LuckyThis beautiful white pit named Lucky has not had a very lucky life to date. First he was thrown down a trash chute in a fit of rage by his owner then after a rescue and adoption, allergies are forcing the cop who adopted and loves him to give the pooch up.

“It was fine when he was small, but as he got bigger and his hair started going everywhere, I started having problems,” said Officer Andrew Dorsett. “I got asthma and had to use my inhaler every day and eventually realized I could not keep him anymore.”

Lucky captured the hearts of officers at the 20th Precinct in January after they battled for an hour to rescue him from the basement of an Amsterdam Ave. building on the upper West Side.

They used heavy machinery to break into the trash compactor room where the dog, who is deaf, was encased in garbage, surrounded by food, bottles and the metal edges of cans.

Dorsett took Lucky because he could not face seeing him go to a shelter but now hopes he can find a good new home.

“It was pretty tough,” Dorsett said. “My wife was crying, I was standing there trying to hold the tears back and I gave him a couple of hugs.

“He’s a great dog, he’s a strong, healthy dog and I would love him to go to a nice home that had a big yard.”

Lucky is now in the care of a no-kill animal charity called For Our Friends at the Great Neck Animal Hospital. He has also been renamed Drew.

“We all love him. He’s a really sweet, affectionate dog,” said Bryan Lewis, who runs For Our Friends. “But we changed his name to Drew in honor of the cop who saved his life.”

To adopt Lucky, call (718) 595-2161, or e-mail (The NY Daily News)

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