Recently in Geneva, Switzerland a new law was passed, backed by 80% of voters that will affect over 30,000 dog owners.

Swiss dog owners are to be required to complete a course aimed at improving their ability to look after and care for their pets. After almost two years of campaigning in this country, it appears that the Swiss have taken the initiative and put the onus on dog owners to prove themselves fit to keep canine pets. (K9 Magazine)

I can see how this could have its drawbacks and serious enforcement problems but all in all I think this is an excellent idea!! People should realize that owning a dog is a privilege, not a right. It’s something to be taken very seriously.  Too many people still look at pets as a throw away commodity but they’re not, they are a lifetime commitment and if you cannot commit yourself you shouldn’t have the privilege!

All in all I say ‘Kudos’! Maybe if more legislation like this were in place worldwide we’d see less dogs abused, neglected and abandoned!

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