BowieIt’s bad enough when people want to poison their own bodies with drugs but to poison an innocent and trusting dog, totally depraved!

Two college students living in the Whittle Springs neighborhood of North Knoxville were in tears and disbelief Saturday night as their dog lay near death in their backyard.

Roommates Ally Gregory and Heather Feagins had just gone for a walk with their dog Bowie, a 16-month-old Alaskan Malamute they adopted from the Young-Williams Animal Center.

They released Bowie to play in their fenced in backyard and went next door to hang out with their neighbors.

When they returned a half hour later, they found Bowie in an agitated state.

“He was just in the backyard, just shaking. He couldn’t walk. He was having trouble breathing,” Gregory says.

The women rushed Bowie to the Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic on Ailor Avenue.

“I was bawling. I looked a mess. I was so worried about him. We didn’t sleep the whole night,” Feagins says.

After about an hour of waiting for the vet’s diagnosis, they got the shocking news.

“They came out and the vet told us he had meth and pot and valium all in his system,” Gregory says. “Everyone is completely shocked and horrified that someone would do that to a dog. It looks like someone mixed it in with the canned dog food and fed it to him just to be a bad person, I suppose.”

“What kind of person do you have to be to kill a dog? He’s so friendly. He doesn’t know a stranger at all,” Feagins says.

Returning home, Gregory called Knoxville police and told them what happened. KPD spokesman Darrell DeBusk says an officer searched their backyard but found no evidence of illegal or prescription drugs.

Gregory and Feagins did their own search at daybreak, with the help of neighbors. Again, they found nothing. No one in the neighborhood reported seeing anything suspicious.

They say Bowie is an outgoing dog and would approach anyone who walked up to their fence. They speculate that someone mixed the drug cocktail with canned dog food and fed it to Bowie when they were next door.

The vet found evidence the dog had eaten canned dog food but Bowie’s owners don’t feed him food from a can.

Veterinarian David Davenport at the Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic was one of the first to see Bowie. He tells 6 News that every six weeks or so, he’ll see a dog that’s somehow ingested illegal drugs.

“We have seen a range from cocaine, meth, marijuana, valium, a broad spectrum,” Davenport says.

Bowie had his leg shaved for an intravenous line to replenish his fluids.

“They had to give him a bunch of shots in his neck. You can see it’s shaved, too,” Gregory says.

Bowie has been moving a little slow since they got him back at 6:00 a.m. Monday.

“He got out of the cage, he looked up at me and just lit up and his tail started wagging,” Feagins says.

After a hefty vet bill of $750, Bowie is expected to make a full recovery.

“We paid it. We’re over it. It’s gone, big chunk of change. But, it’s okay. He’s well. That’s all that matters.” (WATE 6)

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