Azure, stabbed 7 timesIn January, I told you about Azure, a beautiful pitbull that was attacked by her owner’s boyfriend and stabbed 7 times with a sword.  Azure’s owner, Erin Lup, also a victim of the violence, took Azure to Alicia Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo where staff did everything necessary to care for the injured puppy. Lup couldn’t afford treatment for her puppy so funds for the more than $5,000 in treatment came from Wheaton’s Pet Rescue Center.

Azure recovered and the then suitably grateful Erin Lup took her puppy home.  Lup and Azure’s attacker got a year jail sentence for the attack.

Then just a couple weeks ago, the Pet Care Center spayed Azure as Dr. Wheaton had promised Lup they would do when she was treated earlier, again at their expense.

Well, looks like all is not well is Erin Lup and Azure’s little world because now, after all the kindness that was so generously given, Lup’s has Azure up for sale.  Yup, that’s right, Lup is selling that beautiful girl who has already undergone so much trauma and abuse to the first comer with her asking price.

Lup-AzureAt first an ad was placed on Craigslist;

Azure is a very lovable Pit Bull. Unfortunately, my living situation is not working for a big dog like her. She is very loving and playful around people, however, I am still working on socializing her with other dogs. She weighs about 70Ibs and is very healthy and needs lots of exercise. I am asking $300 which includes her brand new dog house we just built, leash, harness, chain, whatever food I have left, treats, toys she hasn’t chewed up yet, certificates, medicines, ect.  She is also spayed and up to date on all of her shots.

One of Lup’s requirements was that she be able to visit Azure in her new home.  When Dr. Wheaton found out about it, he called Lup and let her know that he would work to place Azure through the Pet Rescue Center, to make sure she had a proper home.

“I don’t think selling the dog on Craigslist is the right way to do it,” Wheaton said. “She needs to be OK with cutting ties and put the dog in a permanent home. We’ve had lots of pit bulls come through the Pet Rescue Center and they’re always adopted by someone who knows the breed and can provide them a stable and nurturing environment.”

The Craigslist ad came down on Wednesday and it looked like things were going to be okay.  Wrong!  On Thursday another ad was found for Azure, this time she was being offered for sale thru K9Stud at $500.

Needless to say, Dr. Wheaton is stunned and he’s not the only one. He’s been getting calls from people who donated to Azure’s recovery.

“They all said they wanted to buy her back so that Pet Rescue Center can find her a good home,” Wheaton said. “But one of her stipulations is that she wants continued contact. I can’t guarantee a family that adopts the dog will let her do that. Everyone is willing to throw down the money to get the dog out of her house.”

Now, when friend and reader, Andrea, gave me the head’s up on this, we discussed it and tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. That was before the as came out on K9Stud and after the Craigslist ad came down. We thought that maybe, just maybe, Lup didn’t realize the danger she was putting Azure in, offering her for sale like she was. Bait dog, fighting dog or just a bad home and irresponsible owner, these scenarios and more are more the likelihood than a happy home for Azure than a happy new home.

We changed our minds pretty fast when the ad came out on K9Stud. Careless, heartless, selfish bitch is more like it! She has the opportunity to have Dr. Wheaton, whose Pet Care Center donated over $5K in treatment, find an good, qualified home for Azure and she practically spit in his face as well as the faces of all those who so generously donated to Azure’s treatment.

I’m just so POed and angry over this that I cannot even tell you! What I want to say I cannot even print here but I am sure my friends will happily fill in for me…. So, what do you all think about this??

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