Marieta Kelley and Sammy, the heroSammy, the border collie, woke his owner up, going to far as to even pull the blankets off her as the house went up in flames around them. Orange Couty, CA resident, Marieta Kelley made her way out of the house, calling Sammy to follow, thinking he was behind her as she escaped the house only to find her savior was not with her. Devastated, she pleaded with firefighters to rescue her dog from the burning house.

Firefighters finally found Sammy hiding under the bed, limp, overcome by smoke.  After oxygen treatment, Sammy seemed to recover from smoke inhalation.

Not only was Marieta saved, her housemates were also saved because of Sammy.

Sammy seemed to be doing okay until Friday when he started wheezing and coughing and was lethargic.  Friends and neighbors rallied around Marieta and Sammy, they got him to the vet and pitched in to help say the vet bill.  The doctors at the North Tustin Veterinary Clinic, having heard the story of the canine hero, covered in the rest.

Kelley stayed with friends for a couple of days but wanted to be back with Sammy sleeping at her side so she went back to the house and set herself up in one of the bedrooms where she’ll stay with Sammy while the rest of the house is being rebuilt.

“As long as I’m here with Sammy and he’s healthy, I’ll survive,” she said.

“He’s not eating much right now while he’s on the antibiotics,” Kelley said. “But I’ve already promised him a reward when he’s feeling good again: I’m going to Stater Bros. and getting him a steak.”

Now this is the kind of reaction you expect to hear when your life is saved, not someone who debates whether to keep the canine hero.

Marieta, I’m so happy you and Sammy are doing well. Sammy, way to go!!!

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