We’ve got a real sicko out there, breaking into an animal shelter and sexually assaulting a dog or maybe it’s dogs since this isn’t the first time this has happened!!

Albuquerque police are searching for the man who broke into the Humane Society near Wyoming and Zuni and sodomized one of the dogs. The believe that it is the same suspect who has broken into the shelter at least four times in the past two months.

Shelter vets confirmed the sexual abuse through an exam and police are hoping the this piece of trash left some DNA evidence that will help lead to an arrest.

“The animal did go through a SANE exam which is similar to what a victim would go through in a rape case. That evidence hasn’t been processed yet, so I don’t know if there is any DNA evidence there,” said Sergeant Rachel Azbill.

They are checking out know sexual offenders and predators in the area and when he is caught, he’ll be charged with bestiality.

The Humane Society is not commenting over worries that it will keep people from adopting pets but people in the area, needless to say, are shocked that anyone would do such a thing!

Dog Sexually Assaulted

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