Mayor Don Call

Update 7/2/09 – Dog Shooting Mayor Facing Trial for Felony Animal Cruelty

McCune, KS Mayor, Don Call, who shot two dogs while they lay tethered on their owners property, got a standing ovation at a town meeting on Monday.  Call had threatened to shoot the dogs if they got loose again and when he got a call saying the dogs were running loose last Sunday, he did precisely that.  He went home, got a 9mm semi-automatic rifle, went to the dog owner’s home, Duane Wahl, drove around several times and proceeded to fire of more than half a dozen shots, killing the dogs.  There were also holes in the fence and house from where his shots missed their intended targets.

At a town meeting on Monday, attended by more than 70 residents, dozens gave Mayor Don Call a standing ovation to show their support for his actions.  Call has been charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor count of criminal discharge of a weapon.

“We all should be proud we have a mayor like Don Call that will take care of us and protect our kids,” Shirley Showalter said.

“The fact is, whether they like the idea that he shot my dogs or not, he still shot my dogs on my property,” the dogs’ owner, Duane Wahl, said. “They were on chains in my yard when he shot them. It was still wrong. It don’t matter if my dogs got loose in the past.”

There have been complaints in the past about the dogs running loose.

I said it before and will say it again, this was cruel and malicious! Call had no right to gun those dogs down. If there was a problem there were legal remedies he should have taken. The dogs were not any threat to anyone at the time and Call was not protecting anyone when he drove around and came back time and again and fired off shots.

Yes, the owner had a responsibility to keep his dogs under control at all times, especially since there had been complaints in the past but at the time the dogs were under control. If there was a problem, whoever was complaining should have called the police or animal control, had the owner cited, had the dogs picked up and even removed since this was an ongoing problem.

You don’t just maliciously killed innocent dogs that are doing no more than being dogs. I hope these charges stick and Call is prosecuted, found guilty and seriously sentenced, although I won’t hold my breath for justice….

A standing ovation…. wonder how those residents would have felt if that trigger happy nutcase would have shot a child? But is was “just dogs” so…. whatever…. They are condoning lawlessness and saying it’s okay to pick up a gun and handle problems that way. Wonder if they even realize that?

Wake up people!! Laws are in place for a reason whether you like them or not. If there’s a problem, handle it the right way and if there is no alternative then push to create one. This is not the wild west!

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